Fortune Munchlax & Contest!


Fortune Munchlax

How to enter: make your favorite Pokèmon as a fortune teller and send it as an attachment to:

Prizes: The winner will get instrux for Fortune Munchlax.


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3 Responses to Fortune Munchlax & Contest!

  1. super folder Taivin says:

    Have you guys heard of pokemon Y and x yet?

  2. super folder Taivin says:

    Hey I have a Fortune White Kyurem. I made my brother a Black kyurem and I recently made a regular Kyurem!:)

  3. super folder Taivin says:

    I just made an origami yveltal! I made a xerneas to but it doesn’t look as good. Pronunciation: yveltal=eveltal xerneas=zerneas. Hope that will help! 🙂

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