Pikachu’s dilemma

Why Ash's Pikachu doesn't like pokèballs


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9 Responses to Pikachu’s dilemma

  1. Robby says:

    Lol. But the tail is a little miscolored. But this is still funny.

  2. super folder Taivin says:

    PLASTIC DINOS THATS FUNNY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Robby says:

    I figured out a fanfic of how Pikachu doesn’t like pokeballs: one day, a prototype pokeball was stolen from bill. The person who stole that ball was known as poacher z. The poached a Pikachu and tested the pokeball on it. The pokeball’s design was not completed yet and it felt like Pikachu was being compacted by pins and needles. The pokeball heated up and exploded. Pikachu flew out of hunter z’s ship and landed on route one. Pikachu was badly injured and it struggled and was found by an old man. Meanwhile, hunter z said “these new capture and storage devices are not good for anything. They will take the old ones off the market. I will create my own.” Pikachu was kept at the old mans garden. Pikachu hated the old man and nearly destroyed the garden because it thought all humans were alike. Then came the day of the year when the old man gave away Pokemon. And the first episode of Pokemon started.

  4. super folder Taivin says:

    I recently I made an origami pikachu. It looks like pikachu standing with his arms folded in. I also made a Mew. The reason that I don’t post my origami is that I don’t know how.

    • Save the pictures to a folder on your desktop. Then go to whichever site you e-mail with and click ‘attach files’ in a new e-mail. In the window that pops up, click desktop and choose open. Click the folder you saved the pictures to and choose ‘open’ again. Now click the picture you want to attach and choose ‘open’ again. Now send it to sfmichaelt@gmail.com

    • Sf Robby says:

      I made a very complex origami Pikachu.

  5. super folder Taivin says:

    Have you guys seen the pokemon direct?

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