Pokemon Electrum

I made a hack of silver, where all 251 pokemon should be available. Pokémon that evolve via trading evolve via level-up, and pokemon that evolve via trading with an item now evolve by using that item. A few pokemon have had their stats/types changed. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES try to get the bike in Goldenrod city. the game will instantly reset, and the map will have glitchy colors. get it here.


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2 Responses to Pokemon Electrum

  1. super folder Tavin says:

    Awesome! wish I could play it but ya know. parents man. 😀 lol too bad you can’t get the bike though. The first pokemon game I ever played was soul silver. lugia is probably my favorite legenday, but he’s got some tough competition this year with yveltal. 🙂 Life and Deeeestruction. not Death, Destruction not Death, Destruction. What’s up with that? Well I guess pokemon is considered a kids game.

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