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57 Responses to Pokemon/Pokegami discussion forum

  1. Robby says:

    am i the only one who goes to other sf sites

  2. robbie says:

    stop saying that robby

  3. robbier says:

    you spelled initial wrong

  4. robbier says:

    ughh are you still mad

  5. super folder Taivin says:

    Hey have any of you seen the pokemon direct?

  6. Sf Robby says:

    When will the legendary dog instructions come up?

  7. super folder Taivin says:

    I have made an origami yveltal! My brother made xerneas! It’s going to be awsome! Picking froakie!

  8. sf robbieJR says:


  9. super folder Tavin says:

    don’t have a camera but I might be able to figure out my new laptop. I think it has a camera

  10. super folder Tavin says:

    My favorite Pokémon is Salamence. It’s nickname is Apocalypse. I just thought it would be a good name.

  11. super folder Tavin says:

    Just sent you an e-mail with a pic of yveltalgami! (still working on the name:)

  12. super folder Taivin says:

    Hope you guys like my yveltal! Can’t find xerneas (brother lost it) if you guys are wondering. Might make instructions for yveltal!

  13. SF Robby says:

    Has anyone played the Pokemon Generations game yet?

  14. super folder Tavin says:

    Going to (try) to start a let’s play of Pokémon Y Version. If it works. only recording stuff I got are 3DS and laptop. hhhhmmmmm maybe I could borrow my dad’s camera? my brother will also try doing a let’s play of pokemon x. side by side let’s play. if it does work I will try to figure out how to put a link here.

  15. super folder Tavin says:

    P.S. How can you change your screen name? I want mine to be the Angry Shelgon. oh wait I think I got it!

  16. The Angry Shelgon says:

    has my name changed?

  17. The Angry Shelgon says:


  18. hey guys how do you change the picture next to your name?

  19. I have the name and the pic! Ah yeah! But seriously, can’t wait for the games to come out! I mean look at Salamence in those 3D graphics! Plus he’s taking on Yveltal like the boss he is! 😀

  20. Have any of you heard of Cube World?

    • is that similar to Minecraft?

      • A little bit but only a little. Yes of course it’s made of cubes and yes you can ‘craft’ some stuff and the worlds are randomly generated but other than that that’s really it. Cube World is an MMORPG that has single player mode and multiplayer mode. You make your character from 4 classes (warrior, mage, rogue, and ranger.) and 7 or 8 races (what you look like, like an elf, or a goblin, or a frogman, etc, and yes a human.) from those classes you get to choose paths of what skills you may obtain like for me as a warrior I can choose to be a berserker or a guardian, I chose guardian. (and not just because it sounds cool) You can also have pets no matter what class/race or whatever you are like SOME other games. My Pet is a lvl 12ish Brown Alpaca named Brownie. Now lvls are infinite but to help newer players be able to be at the same power as older players (or cheaters) Cube World characters have what is called a power lvl. right now the highest known power lvl is 101 and i’m at 100 so it’s not that difficult as long as you do quests which are on your map marked as two swords making an X. There is a lot more to so you should probably go google Cube World and take a look at the wiki and Picroma if you’re interested.

  21. I have to make a new account for the new site!!!!!! LOL 😀

  22. I finally figured out all the stuff for the new site.

  23. Hey guys. I have something quick to share that I thought would be nice. In Georgia I believe there is this place that does a video games for cancer thing. If you have any old games or game stations just lyin around why not send them? If you want info and stuff go to http://www.themadisoncancerfoundation.org. Giving video games to people with cancer…it’s just so…beautiful! I am gonna try and send one my games as well. please donate.

    -The Angry Shelgon

  24. I was digging through some stuff a few days ago and found some old Pokémon figurines me and my brother had as little kids. and I remembered that we had had these figures before we had ever heard about the anime or the games. So Shelgon wasn’t the first Pokémon I ever saw…it was Salamence. (I know right? Pretty ironic)

  25. HOLY FLAMING MOTHER OF ARCEUS! MEGA EVOLUTIOS! THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! I will sleep outside in mud outside of GameStop to get this. (game freak step 2:) Salamence Mega Evolution Dragon/Steel and call it a day. I WANT A SALAMENCE MEGA EVOLUTION! I MUST HAVE IT! So who do you guys want to get a mega evolution?

  26. I’ve been wondering if I should write a story on the EU site for Pokémon. Of course we all know what Pokémon the Dwightish character would have, Pikachu. But what do you guys think??? Is it possible.

  27. Hey guys! It’s my birthday! I’m turning even older this year! 🙂

  28. I’m the leader of the ORA….wow. I just want to thank all you SFs and my mom and dad and my brother and my dogs my friends……………………………………………(2 hours later)……….I couldn’t have done this without you guys! 🙂
    -The Angry Shelgon

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